1. The Teachers Foundation has been established by the efforts of the 1963-65 per─▒od Administrat─▒ve Board members of the Teachers Assoc─▒at─▒on whose names are quoted below:

I. Chairman Dr. ┼×ahnur ┼×AH─░NER

II. Chairman Jozef MAKSUDO─×LU

Secretary Hagop SIVASLIYAN

II. Secretary Asd─čik ELMAS

Cashier Hayguhi HIDIRYAN

Accountant Bo─čos ┼×ABOYAN

Member Lawyer Vahe SAATCIYAN

Member Dr. Dandin AKSAY

Member Garabet C─░LACI

As a result of work wh─▒ch started ─▒n 1963 and lasted two years, the bylaws of the Foundation was prepared which was then approved by the Istanbul Th─▒rd Asl─▒ye Hukuk Court under decision Number 965/290 dated the 22nd April 1965.
The stabl─▒shment date of the Foundation was thus set as the 22nd Apr─▒l 1965.

2. During the approval period work was finalised as per the efforts
Of the Deceased lawyer Garb─▒s ERSAN and the Adm─▒n─▒start─▒ve Board was formed by 15 members, e─▒ght of wh─▒ch teachers and seven free lance workers as per the regulations of the bylaws

Accord─▒ngly the f─▒rst Adm─▒n─▒strat─▒ve Board members were:

I.Chairman Hermine KALUSTYAN

II Chairman Dr. ┼×ahnur ┼×AH─░NER

II Secretary Hagop SIVASLIYAN

Member Ar┼čaluys SARKISYAN


Member Ara GARM─░RYAN

Member Hovhannes FICICIYAN

Representing teachers



I.Secretary Sarkis KIRKORYAN

Cashier Hayk C─░L─░NG─░RYAN

Member H─▒rant PAPAZYAN

Member Kevork KARAMANUK

Member Diran ┼×EN


Member Tatul AL─░KSANYAN

Represent─▒ng Free Lance Workers

Reason for the Establ─▒shment of the Teachers Foundation:

Obv─▒ously the Teachers Associat─▒on does not own great mater─▒al means
As per its bylaws it cannot accept real estate wills and ownersh─▒p. Only a fund can have such rights and thus carry out activities with aims quoted hereunder:

a. Education Aimed Activities:

-To give scolasship to successful students
-To organ─▒se seminars to enhance the education level of teachers
-As far as its resources permit,to provide mater─▒al support to those
who will become pr─▒mary school or h─▒ghschool teachers

b. Publ─▒cation Aimed Activities:

-Publish books beneficial for the schools and prepare new educational books
-Publ─▒sh magazines for children
-Make publications concern─▒ng Armenian literature

One of these publications is the monthly childrens magazine, JBID which ─▒s Being published by a group of devoted teachers over the last 17 years. Apart of th─▒s magazine 1350 in numbres 8 times a year and distributed to 14 countries, we can name the desktop calenders prepared ever since the establ─▒shment of the fund which Are sent to numerous countries worldwide.

c.Socially Aimed Activities:

-Provide assistance to teachers with weak material means
-Provide mater─▒al and moral support ─▒n solving the teachers? health problems
-Provide summer vacation possibilities for the teachers


Income resources of the fund:
Donations made to the Foundation, the yearly interest rates of educat─▒onal funds establ─▒shed By charitable people, rent income from real estate again donated by charitable people are resources enabling the Fund to carry out the above ment─▒oned act─▒v─▒─▒tes.

The Techers Foundation owns real estate totall─▒ng 38 ─▒n number and apart of the 17 donated as bare property ,─▒s rent─▒ng 21 real estates.

Besides the above,the Number 2 flat at Pangalte─▒,Zafer street No.11-13 belogns to the Fund and ─▒s used as the funds headquarters and a library (the Hagop Aprahamyan Library hold─▒ng about 5000 books).

Furthermore, work has started for the sale on bas─▒s of dividing undevided property

Of the lot of a land of 5000 square meters ─▒n Boyac─▒ky

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